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Performing is one of the most important parts of being a piano student. When preparing for a recital, students are motivated to play pieces to their fullest potential. This is often the time when their technique and musicality advance at a rapid pace. Recitals also offer a wonderful opportunity for children to learn how to manage themselves under stress and pressure. Performing in front of an audience helps students to develop skills such as managing nervousness, expressing themselves with confidence and clarity, and facing fears of being judged by others. Many students who are drawn to the piano will feel that they naturally want to express their artistry and use performances as a way to communicate their feelings and emotions. 

Students  have the opportunity to perform in at least two recitals per year, one if the Fall/Winter, and one in the Spring. Recitals are free and open to the public, and we encourage families to invite their relatives, friends and neighbors to attend. Receptions with light refreshments are held after each performance, and give students an opportunity to socialize with other pianists in the studio. 

Students often find that the performance experience they gain through piano recitals gives them the confidence to pursue other performance opportunities as well. Many students will find themselves performing in school performances, musicals, choirs, competitions and other events that come their way because they've developed their musical skills to a high level through piano lessons. 

December, 2015

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